Strong sales tactics are essential to any business that wants to make a profit and see regular growth. Below are five strategies that successful sales personnel use to facilitate sales.


  1. Build trust with clients through integrity.

In any business, trust is a key ingredient to success. This truth is particularly relevant to salespeople. A successful salesperson works on building trust from the first contact they have with a prospective buyer. They prioritize qualities like honesty, integrity, and putting the client’s needs first.


  1. Create a system for follow up.

Every lead is a potential sale. A salesperson who neglects to follow up with their prospects in a consistent manner loses money for themselves and their company. Statistics show that, on average, it takes five contacts before a client is ready to make a buying decision. A follow-up system can get the points of contact on a regular schedule.


  1. Learn how to communicate with the client’s core concerns.

People make buying decisions because they are dealing with problems. A great product will provide solutions to the issues customers are facing. A salesperson who can get into the mind of their customers to discover these problems will have a definite advantage over other salespeople. This concept is especially true if the salesperson can communicate how their product or service will make potential buyers’ lives better.


  1. Never disparage the competition.

Speaking negatively about the competition never elevates a business in the eyes of prospects. Instead, it makes the company appear unprofessional. Always remain fair and unbiased when talking about other companies and people. When a salesperson communicates negatively about another entity, it could cast doubt in the customer’s mind that they might also speak that way about them.


  1. Ask for referrals.

Average salespeople struggle to get leads. Successful salespeople have an abundance of prospects for a straightforward reason: They ask for them. The best time to ask for a referral is when the customer is happiest with the product — which is usually at the time of the sale. It’s simple enough to ask a client, “Do you know anyone who could benefit from our product as much as you do?”


These five sales tactics can help a business build trust with their clients and increase their sales.