Introduction: It’s time for Confessions of a Serial Salesman: author, expert sales trainer, and serial entrepreneur. Steve Nudelberg wants to help you change your life and your business using his 27 rules for influencers and leaders. This is the Confessions of a Serial Salesman podcast with Steve Nudelberg. Here’s Josh Cohen.

Josh Cohen: Welcome to another edition of the Confessions Of A Series Salesman, the podcast. Based on the book, the bestselling book available in hardcover, paperback, and audible as well. We’re already to 53, so we’re closer to a hundred than we are to one. Steve Nudelberg, how about that? It is super Tuesday. This is the week after Superbowl 53.

Josh Cohen: Yesterday was national football hangover day.

Steve Nudelberg: It sure is. It sure is.

Josh Cohen: Which there is talk about making that a federal holiday.

Steve Nudelberg: Monday should either be a national holiday or play the game on Saturday Night. Play the game on Saturday night.

Steve Nudelberg: And they were looking for a cure for people who can’t sleep. They found it Sunday Night.

Josh Cohen: Yeah, that was it. Yeah. Super bore.

Steve Nudelberg: Oh my, my, my.

Josh Cohen: But, you had a great time.

Steve Nudelberg: Yeah, I got to Atlanta, I got to go to a lot of the events and parties and, thanks to you, I also got to visit your friend Rob Vodka and got over there to the Ray Lewis, a Ray Of Hope foundation.

Steve Nudelberg: Ray is a super dude, isn’t he?

Josh Cohen: Ray is. Ray inspires and motivates and celebrates, and boy, he took them to church. We were at church. He’ll come on?

Steve Nudelberg: He will, he promised me. So obviously he was busy at the end of the year.

Josh Cohen: I ran into a couple of folks at that party, and they said, one of the fellas, said, “A Nudelberg here?” And I said, “No.” He said, “Well, I didn’t think so. I mean, he didn’t come to stuff. He’s too busy for that though.”

Steve Nudelberg: No more, no more.

Josh Cohen: It was Scott Patel.

Steve Nudelberg: Oh, you’re kidding?

Josh Cohen: Yeah, the ticket guy

Steve Nudelberg: You know I went to high school with Scotty.

Josh Cohen: No kidding

Steve Nudelberg: Yeah, I’ve known him forever.

Josh Cohen: Saw him all weekend, couldn’t shake him, couldn’t shake him like a terrible respiratory infection. Friday night saw him there, Saturday wheels up party, Sunday at the airport, Sunday on the flight. Oh yeah.

Steve Nudelberg: He is one of those guys that shows up, you know like remover guy from behind the plate.

Josh Cohen: John 316?

Steve Nudelberg: John 316 He is like one of those dudes.

Josh Cohen: Like Scott 417. It’s like Joe all over again. And this young man we know here.

Steve Nudelberg: If you do this, this is a return trip for Dr. Ralby. Welcome back.

Michael Ralby: Thank you, Steve. Great to be here.

To be continued in part two.