Continued from Confessions of a Serial Salesman, Episode 53: Part 1!

Josh Cohen: Michael Ralby, who is chief of staff at On The Ball. But there’s an exciting new announcement in the last three minutes and 17 seconds on this podcast.

Steve Nudelberg: Breaking news, breaking news.

Josh Cohen: By all means, please break this news.

Steve Nudelberg: So we’d always, you know, I talked about having Michael back on because we know each other 35 years. We’ve talked about doing business together throughout that time. Then a couple of months back, he joined the firm, and we have been incubating a new idea.

Josh Cohen: Now when you say on the firm, explain to the people, not just the book, but the foundation of On The Ball. On The Ball is your company.

Steve Nudelberg: On The Ball is my company. On The Ball sports marketing and On The Ball marketing is now On The Ball ventures. We have finally come to a way that we can serve an existing problem in the marketplace. You know, there are entrepreneurs that have financial questions, needs, and so we are developing a new division called On The Money. Certainly, this guy is on the money, and so he will be president of On The Money, and we already are doing deals. This is why I like what I do. We’ve already gotten into it. We’re doing it, we’re providing services to people, and it just became very clear that it is, it’s a fit for On The Ball ventures to have this kind of service offering. So I’m super proud.

Josh Cohen: Congratulations. Congratulations on the company. Michael Ralby, within two minutes of the podcast you’ve got a promotion.

Michael Ralby: How wonderful is that?

Josh Cohen: It’s not bad.

Michael Ralby: I am telling you.

Steve Nudelberg: So, he has a 30-plus-year, 40-year career in the financial world. You know, he’s one of the bond specialists or the best bond people I’ve ever, ever met. People say that about him, but his true skill set, I thought, was connecting people. That is a fundamental skill set that On The Ball does. So, I think there’s a fit, but you know, talk about life change. There’s so much change in the world. One of the things I wanted to talk about today, besides the fact that you are number 53.

Michael Ralby: Love that.

Steve Nudelberg: Which I know he has some-

Michael Ralby: From 53, uh, from a spiritual side, the combination of the number five and the number three bring positive attributes, change in life and energy. But to throw it to the sports side.

Josh Cohen: Where do those come from?

Michael Ralby: It’s the significance of change. They come through the angel technology or more of the astrological space.

Steve Nudelberg: We found it on the internet. So it’s true, right? Of course.

Josh Cohen: Well, you know I didn’t know if it was some tend to Buddhism or where this is from, but a five and three have numeric-.

Steve Nudelberg: Three does for sure. Cause there’s a power of three that, you know, we talk about all the time.

Michael Ralby: People study numbers and numerology.

Steve Nudelberg: Numerology?

Michael Ralby: It’s pretty impressive, what they do. But how about this from an ESPN size. Let’s go a little bit into sports, what is the maximum amount of players on an NFL roster.

Josh Cohen: 53.

Michael Ralby: Alright. Most points scored by a rookie in a playoff game?

Josh Cohen: It’s 53.

Michael Ralby: Will Chamberlain. Most points scored in a three-game series?

Josh Cohen: Alright we get it. 53 The best number is 53. You are guest number 53.

Michael Ralby: Michael Jordan.

Josh Cohen: He wants to own 53 areas.

Michael Ralby: But, there we go.

Josh Cohen: Maybe they’ll retire your number in the podcast. It was 53 seconds until the promotion.

Steve Nudelberg: We will never do another 53.

To be continued in part three.