Continued from Confessions of a Serial Salesman, Episode 53: Part 1!

Josh Cohen: So we’re asked to discuss your perspective on the business. That is Shay’s big question topic for you. So I’ll ask accordingly. What is your perspective on the business?

Steve Nudelberg: Why On This Ball? Why me? Why us? You know?

Michael Ralby: When it’s right, it’s right. I mean at the end of the day, I was bounced around feeling like I was efficient in an aquarium for so many years in the corporate planet. Then I was able to get put into the ocean and see what the world is about. So having the opportunity to join a friend, and when I think about sales it always evolves starting with trust, and to be able to trust the gentleman to my right and to have been through what I’ve been through with him is great. The good, bad and indifferent, lot of ugly, a lot of bouncing back through failure, a lot of lifting up, and it’s been a great ride. But all in all, we’ve maintained our friendship, we’ve maintained our relationship, and we’ve really built and helped each other.

Steve Nudelberg: You know, there’s something to be said about that. And you know, the more firms I get involved in, you know, people think when things are growing and going great, that it’s really rosy. And what I find is that the best relationships are the ones that have friction. When you know, there’s tension, that not everybody agrees. Not everybody agrees, you know, it’s not a rose garden. It’s this place where you bring your best talent. If it doesn’t jive with somebody else, that’s not bad because some of the best ideas and some of the best innovation come from tension. You look at what, what’s the term about a diamond, you know?

Josh Cohen: Under pressure? Diamonds are made under pressure?

Steve Nudelberg: Yeah. So it’s that same kind of thing in business. We’ve had that kind of relationship; it builds character, builds much more. And so, you know, the point of trying to make is that he brings stuff to the table that On The Ball could not provide a lot of questions and entrepreneurs have. I’m having a blast working with him. And there’s so much that when you do the right thing when he says, you know, when it’s right, it’s right. You know, the world just opens things up to you in a way that didn’t happen before. That’s all of a sudden happening. He’s reintroducing himself to other people that we knew together in a whole new place and the world is changing every day. So it’s okay. You don’t have to be, you know, you could be the butterfly, you know, that came from the caterpillar sorta kinda goofy.

Josh Cohen: It’s a merger of sorts. It’s a merger of your expertise with that of On The Ball.

Michael Ralby: Without question. You have the ability to be able to bring different skill sets. And Steve is so great at sales, and my background brings the financial side, which gives us the cumulative strengths to go ahead and bring solutions to people that you can analogize it to the tennis court. We were playing singles for so many years, and now we’re playing doubles.

To be continued in part four.