Continued from Confessions of a Serial Salesman, Episode 53: Part 3!

Steve Nudelberg: Here’s a perfect example because, you know, giving an example, I think you know, matters. So I’m working with a group out in Fort Collins, Colorado. They’re one of the leaders in a product called Mammoth. They help plants grow, and they specifically are using it in cannabis and they are growing like gangbusters. It’s really, excuse the pun, but it’s really a full growth business, but I was able to put Michael and the CEO together who I’ve known the CEO for a long time. I’m engaged in the company, I’ve invested in the company. I’m enjoying my role as the sales guy, but couldn’t provide perspective on the how we going to scale the business. He spoke to Greg Steinberg, their CEO, and their best buddies like that. I transferred that trust to somebody that’s going to help us all out, you know? Because they were thinking one way and he turned it around.

Josh Cohen: Michael?

Michael Ralby: I’ve had a couple of conversations with Greg. We’ve been able to now start to connect the dots and help him on the financial side. It’s been just a symbiotic way of being able to grow the relationship together, and it’s spectacular.

Steve Nudelberg: I am meeting with somebody tomorrow, that Michael connected with me. That’s from Israel, that is in town. Lots of innovation going on in Israel. These guys are interested in the company that I’m working with, the Growcentia, and it’s like that kind of stuff doesn’t happen by accident, you know? And that’s, that’s from really high performing sales teams, the teams have Ying and Yang. You know Michael Jordan played with Scotty Pippin, you know, you mentioned him before. You make everybody better on the court, and so it’s really been fun that we have a full solution to offer clients. Plus we’re having a blast.

Michael Ralby: It’s like creating a culture that I haven’t seen in my 33 years in the financial space or 40 years of selling and to create that culture. I think Joe Mullins talked about it last two, three podcasts ago. It’s incredible to be able to get a cadence like that and be able to go ahead and build and do things for people that are really solid. And to do it with Steve is a dream come true.

Josh Cohen: People perhaps they undervalue culture, and they’re learning that they probably had better not do that any longer. It’s not just the bottom line number on a paper. It’s how you get there because the folks that you are with, you can teach folks how to get good at selling or connecting, but you can’t really teach people how to be good people. To care and foster a culture of teamwork. Now can you?

Steve Nudelberg: Well, you know, there’s a shining example that happened in the Superbowl. You know, you see Bill Belichick is the master.

Josh Cohen: The Patriot Way.

Steve Nudelberg: Right. You know, there’s been stuff printed about, you know, well, what makes him so great. He puts people in a system, very processed driven. There’s, you know, things that he does. He, it’s very simple. I mean, the stuff you read about him that has made him great is he, you know, number one Bill, you know, his formula for success. Number one, build capabilities. You know, invest in your people. Number two is spend more time worrying about the opponent, you know, know your opponent. It’s all art of war, preparation. You know, don’t worry about what’s happening in here. Worry about what’s happening out there. And a lot of businesses spend a lot of time, beating each other internally, which once I called it friendly fire. You get killed on the inside.

Josh Cohen: Yeah.

Steve Nudelberg: Worry about the outside. And then the third thing, um, I forgot what it was exactly, but you know, he is all about, everybody was super prepared for that game and prepared to do things. And when you do that in business, you know, you win. You know, it’s unbelievable. He won eight super bowls? I mean it was-.

Josh Cohen: Well yeah, he’s got two as the defensive coordinator with the Giants.

Steve Nudelberg: I didn’t even remember that.

Josh Cohen: Yeah, 86 and 90. And then, of course, the six here with the New England Patriots.

Steve Nudelberg: It’s unbelievable.

Josh Cohen: It’s a ring on every finger and none for the thumbs.

Steve Nudelberg: How do you explain that?

Josh Cohen: It’s culture. It’s a system.

Michael Ralby: It is a process. It is a system, and it’s absolutely culture and culture breeds trust. And I think that’s another word that not a lot of people talk about when it comes to sales. And Steve’s been in this market place for so many years, and the amount of trust that he’s built through people and being able to have the opportunity to go back and reconnect and continue to build the brand is exciting.

To be continued in part five.