Continued from Confessions of a Serial Salesman, Episode 53: Part 4!

Josh Cohen: I’m supposed to ask you about your perspective on change. So let’s get into that. Your perspective on the idea of change, which is something that most human beings, their, their natural inclination is to resist it, to fight it. We find comfort in routine. We find comfort in ritual. We drive the same exact way to work, stop at the same place for the same coffee, stand in line with the same people either right in front or right behind of them. But uh, without an open mind and adaptivity to change in business, you are going to fail. You are going to be passed by those who are more open to it.

Michael Ralby: In this day and age, the world’s getting smaller and it’s really very, very exciting to embrace change I’ve had-.

Josh Cohen: What do you mean by that? The world is getting smaller? Because of connectivity? Everyone’s a winner, and everyone knows it. Everyone else is aware of what everyone else is doing.

Michael Ralby: I was explaining this morning to somebody. I spent 33 years, grew up in south Florida, from Dade County to Palm Beach I was trying to acquire clients, thank God successfully. And I watched Steve open up his computer and connect to the world. He can go ahead and find sales leads or opportunities because of the way he’s mastered a technique that has literally made the world smaller. It’s closer. It’s, even though it’s bigger and even though there’s a bigger opportunity to meet these people through the ways we had cultivated in sales for so many years, blocking and tackling one by one, Steve shows people how to be able to get hundreds of people in a click or two. It’s incredible. As far as change is concerned, embracing it is what it’s all about. I call it new-level, new-devil. Always trying to climb a new level.

Steve Nudelberg: I like that

Josh Cohen: New-level, new-devil.

Michael Ralby: You always have a new devil at a different level; it might not be the same one you had prior.

Steve Nudelberg: That’s really cool.

Steve Nudelberg: Rileys talked about it. He’s, you know, he said the only thing in life you can count on is change. So you better learn to embrace.

Josh Cohen: The only constant in life is change.

Michael Ralby: And as you climb to that new level and you have to embrace different devils, it’s exciting to bring them on and exciting to learn and exciting to-.

Josh Cohen: But nobody wants to do that. It’s like going to the dentist.

Michael Ralby: It’s human nature.

Josh Cohen: They say you “have to learn to embrace.” But, embrace also by definition kind of means welcome. So people are willing versus wanting and there’s a difference. If people are more wanting to change and to open their mind to change and actually embrace the change, they’ll probably be more successful. Won’t they?

Steve Nudelberg: So, it’s great that you bring that up and that’s why I love having you as my partner on this cause you zeroed right in on the, the reason why we’re talking about changes. When Michael decided to join the firm, he came to me, and he said, “Listen, I’m okay with you leaving the training wheels on for a while. This is a new playing field for me. Work with me. Don’t let go.” You know, he, he talked about some of the trainings that I do, and he goes, “I feel like you put me securely in the shallow end of the pool. I want to swim with the sharks. Take me there.”

Steve Nudelberg: You know, and that’s a big paradigm shift for mature salespeople. And I see it all the time who are saying, “Wow, it’s a new game out there, but I’m not willing to let go of everything that I was to, you know, become the person I can be.” And I did that. I mean, five years ago I let go of a lot of the things that were happening in the sales universe and said, there are new tools, there’s new stuff. So when I get in front of people now, and I speak to them about what I do, they’re like, “Wow, you’re really fantastic at that. I’ll never get their bullshit.” I did the same thing that everybody needs to do.

Steve Nudelberg: You’re not, you’re not too old. Can you imagine somebody 52 years old saying, you know, “I’m too old.” No, the life expectancy is you got another 30 years, you know, people working in the workforce.

Steve Nudelberg: So change is here. You know, the way that people acquire clients is different. I ask people all the time, “When does the close happen in a sale?” And inevitably they all go to at the end, “Oh, when we’re ready to sign a deal.” And I go, “How about if I told you this, that, that the world has changed. And the close happens in the first three seconds. They make a decision whether they like you or not. And if they don’t like you, you have no shot at selling.” “Oh No, no, no, no, no. That’s, you know, you got to build rapport.” And I go, listen to me. “If someone doesn’t like you, you’re not going to do business.” So you know, for the, the point with Michael is that he said, okay, I’m in to the change. I’ll jump into, you know, whatever we’re doing and I’ll let you do it.

To be continued in part six.